Pandemic Response Oversight Plan – OIG and Department of Labor

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare


Today, April 15, 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Office of Inspector General (OIG) published an 11-page Pandemic Response Oversight Plan.

“Specifically, the OIG received $25 million to oversee the unprecedented expansion of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs provisioned by the Act and $1 million for oversight of DOL activities supported with funds appropriated to prepare for and respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

The OIG’s oversight will focus on the Department’s response to the pandemic, particularly under the CARES Act. The OIG’s oversight work will be conducted in four phases covering the allocation periods for CARES Act funds and post-allocation. This plan is subject to change as the OIG continues to conduct risk assessments to identify specific areas for review. Funding for oversight related to activities other than UI programs is provided by the $1 million CARES Act funding, as appropriate, or by reprioritization of existing OIG resources. See the appendix for select criteria for DOL’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Those 4 phases are:

  • Phase 1… Expected completion by June 30, 2020

The OIG will address DOL’s plans for administration and oversight in Phase 1. The first phase will include the issuance of “advisory reports” to aid in the Department’s administration and oversight planning. These advisory reports will be based on past programmatic issues identified by the OIG to help the Department avoid historical pitfalls while implementing its pandemic response. The OIG will also issue fraud alerts to both the Department and to the state workforce agencies to highlight areas susceptible to fraud and abuse.

  • Phase 2… Expected completion by September 30, 2020

Phase 2 will focus on DOL’s initial implementation of its administration and oversight activities.

  • Phase 3… Expected completion by September 30, 2021

Phase 3 will focus on after-the-fact reviews of the Department’s administration and oversight, lessons learned, and how the Department’s response to the pandemic affected normal operations.

  • Phase 4… Ongoing

The OIG will continue to monitor and assess DOL’s actions relating to COVID-19 in response to any new legislation enacted by Congress, as well as continue our investigative efforts. This phase will also include an overall summary of lessons learned from all major programs impacted.