CMS Updates Long Term Care Survey Process Guide and Training Module

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare®

CMS has provided an updated LTCSP Procedure Guide that is effective May 6, 2018. This May 2018 version has 9 additional pages than the November 28, 2017 version had and there is a Table of Contents to help the reader find specific items. Additionally, this latest version is easier to read and navigate.

Also posted is a set of 38 slides that address the ASPEN 11.2 Updates for the LTCSP Procedure Guide. These slides describe “updates made to the LTCSP Software Application version 11.2 in ASEQ as well as highlighting changes to the LTCSP Procedure Guide”.

  • Slide 51 of this deck shows the removal of 5 denial letters and the use of CMS-10055 ABN (note the ABN must be used on and after April 30, 2018. See my BriggsNetNews LTC Blog for more information.)
  • Slide 59 shows updates to Death and Positioning, Mobility, ROM CE Pathways
  • Slide 61 provides the changes to the Facility Matrix and Entrance Forms

A couple of notes re: navigating these slides:

  • You will see that the numbering of the slides is not sequential so don’t be alarmed to move from slide 33 to slide 50.
  • In the upper left corner of each slide, you will see this: narrative. Hover over that symbol and you will see the narrative for that slide.

In the upper right corner of each slide, you’ll see a series of symbols that include: bookmark. This is the bookmark symbol and when selected, you’ll see this:


Click on any item in the bookmark and you will be taken directly to that slide.

Both of these items are available on the cover page of the updated e-learning course.

I encourage you to download and share the updated LTCSP Procedure Guide, the ASPEN 11.2 Updates PowerPoint slides and the e-learning course with your team so you can stay abreast of what’s happening with the long-term care survey!