QIES Community Juniper VPN Network Client Upgrade: Important Service

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare®

Attention: MDS, OASIS, IRF, SWB, EPOC, PBJ and others using QIES remote access.

An upgrade is required to the Juniper VPN Network Client software (Network Connect Client) currently used by the QIES community to log-in to CMSNet for required submission and reporting.

The upgrade will be initiated automatically and will take effect the next time users launch the Juniper VPN Client and log-in following the scheduled upgrade dates referenced below.  Upon connection, the automated process will begin and the user will be prompted to start the installation of the new Pulse Secure Desktop Client on their workstation.

Note! Users must have Administrator rights on their workstation or have an IT staff member with Administrator rights assist the first time a user attempts to log-in following the upgrade dates referenced below.

The upgrade to Pulse Secure Desktop Client is scheduled as follows:
User Community:                                       Date:
Swing Bed and IRF                                      4/08/2019
Hospice                                                         4/30/2019
Home Health (OASIS)                                 5/30/2019
Nursing Homes (MDS, EPOC and PBJ)     6/30/2019

For questions or assistance, please contact the CMSNet Help Desk at 888-238-2122.


[The above notice was posted on the QIES website March 18, 2019.]