Don’t forget to review the April 2019 CMS Quarterly Q&A!

Sharon Hamilton MS, RN, NLCP-C, CFDS
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

This quarter has some interesting clarifications addressing the new items in the OASIS D data set.  For example, see CMS’s answer below about the use of a knee scooter/walker.


QUESTION 2: When responding to GG items, would a knee scooter/walker be considered a walker or a scooter? The product is sold under and referenced by both titles.

ANSWER 2: For GG0110D Prior Device Use- Walker: “Walker” refers to all types of walkers (for example, pickup walkers, hemi-walkers, rolling walkers, and platform walkers), and would include a knee walker.

However, when answering GG0170 CMS says –

A knee walker/scooter would not be considered as a wheelchair/scooter for GG0170Q – Does the patient use a wheelchair and/or scooter.

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