Phase 3 Implementation: Understanding & Establishing Trauma-Informed Care at Your Facility

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

If you missed yesterday’s webinar on Trauma-Informed Care, you missed a good one! Dr. Robert Figlerski, Director of Behavioral Health Services – Team Health, Inc., provided a great presentation on this important topic which also happens to be one of the “big ticket” items of the Phase 3 implementation of the Requirements of Participation (RoPs) effective this Thanksgiving.

You can listen to the on-demand recording and download the corresponding handout on the SimpleLTC website. You’ll get a lot of great information to share with your team in preparation for this regulation:


(Rev. 173, Issued: 11-22-17, Effective: 11-28-17, Implementation: 11-28-17)

  • 483.25(m) Trauma-informed care

The facility must ensure that residents who are trauma survivors receive culturally competent, trauma-informed care in accordance with professional standards of practice and accounting for residents’ experiences and preferences in order to eliminate or mitigate triggers that may cause re-traumatization of the resident.

[§483.25(m) will be implemented beginning November 28, 2019 (Phase 3)]