BNI Has Moved – New Resources Website

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

Early this morning, CMS announced the launch of a new mailbox with great resources:

“This message is to announce the launch of the new CMS Beneficiary Notices Initiative (BNI) mailbox portal for beneficiary notices and related policy questions.  Please note this mailbox portal replaces the BNI mailbox, BNImailbox@cms.hhs.govThe purpose of this new BNI mailbox portal is to provide a more efficient method for responding to provider, industry, and stakeholder questions. 

The new BNI mailbox portal provides links to a variety of resources and links to other CMS mailboxes and e-mail addresses.  CMS encourages you to review the available resources before submitting a question to ensure that we have not already provided information on the specific topic in question.  Please also refer to the list of other CMS mailboxes and e-mail addresses to ensure that you direct your question to the most appropriate area of expertise.

Providers, industry, and other stakeholders may submit questions to the BNI mailbox portal effective immediately.

Please access the new BNI mailbox via the following link:”

Here’s what the above new website looks like:


Clicking on any of the items in the Appeals Policy Portal yields guidance on Parts C & D Medicare as well as BNI info.  The latter landing page looks like this:


This is a website that you’ll want to bookmark and begin using!