CMS Posts DRAFT Version of the 2020 MDS Item Sets (v1.18.0)

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

Just minutes ago, CMS posted the DRAFT version of the MDS Item Sets that LTC providers will use next October.

The posting notification contains this statement: “Please note that Section G has been removed from all Federal item sets.”  (I think I hear cheering in the distance!)  Also included was this statement: “The MDS 3.0 Item Set Change History for October 2020 report will post to this webpage shortly.”

MDS_3.0_Item_Sets_v1.18.0_(DRAFT)_for_October_1_2020_Release (ZIP).  This zip file contains the 10 DRAFT MDS Item Sets.  The OSA or Optional State Assessment is still one of the 10.

Stay tuned to this blog site as I’ll be reviewing these DRAFT Item Sets and will also be providing education to LTC providers on what to expect next October.

Merry Christmas to all!!