Waivers, Waivers and More Waivers – They Keep Coming

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

I’ve blogged on waivers several times the past few weeks and in so doing, provided an overall COVID-19 emergency waivers website.  Today I’m providing an additional website for your reference.

Medicaid State Plan Amendments is another website to bookmark and check periodically.

When I search on COVID-19, here’s what I see as of this point in time:


You’ll note the above search yielded 7 such Medicaid waivers or amendments.  Here’s one example of the information that’s provided:


You see a summary in addition to the transmittal number, effective and approval dates and a link to the actual approval document.  You can also share the specific amendment by utilizing the Share This Medicaid State Plan Amendment.

While we’re on the subject of waivers, there was what appears to be a last-minute/very-short-lived-registration-period for a CMS call on waivers yesterday afternoon.  I logged in for the call but no audio – just closed-captioning as was a similar call with Seema Verma of CMS on March 31st.  I blogged about that call and provided the link to that recording and transcript.  The recording and transcript for the April 7th call has not yet been posted but the 21-slide presentation was made available ahead of the call.  The subject of this stakeholder call was CMS Waivers and COVID-19 Response.