CDC Releases Reopening America Guidelines

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

This past weekend, the CDC released its version of safely reopening America: CDC Activities and Initiatives Supporting the COVID-19 Response and the President’s Plan for Opening America Up Again.  This 60-page document was to have been released back on May 8th but the White House was concerned that the CDC guidelines were too restrictive, so the release of this document was tabled.

(If you’d like to read more of this back story, go to this Washington Post piece.  It’s an interesting read.)

Here’s a look at the Table of Contents for the CDC guide:Picture1

There is excellent information in the guidance as well as a plethora of links to other pieces of information.  This is definitely a must-read document for all of us.  I encourage you to utilize this guidance in conjunction with guidance provided by CMS on Monday of this week which involves recommendations for state and local officials for reopening nursing homes.  We’re all one big community in the end.  Very careful thought and planning will be needed to get us through this public health emergency.  It will take a village – literally!

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