Looking for More COVID-19 Data?

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

If you’re a data hound as I am, this is a resource you’ll want to check out. 

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) maintains a State Data and Policy Actions to Address Coronavirus website that has different data from what many of us have seen and all on one website.

With the above, you can filter or select metrics by state – cumulative and daily trends as well as data table and demographics.  You can select other metrics as well:

For this blog, I selected my home state of Iowa (yes, we’re a hotspot state now):

Other data that you can view, by state, is social distancing (map) and by actions currently in place.  Note that you can also export CSV.

There’s also State COVID-19 Health Policy Actions shown on U.S. map as well as:

Other data collected and available includes:

You’ll also find data on each state’s Private Insurance Deductibles and Self-Insured Plans, Medicaid Expansion Status and Health Insurance Coverage, Adults at Higher Risk of Serious Illness if Infected with Coronavirus, Influenza and Pneumonia Deaths and Vaccinations and more.

Beneath each chart, you’ll find +NOTES. When you click on the +, it opens to show you additional information. Below is what shows when I opened the Notes beneath Health Care Provider Capacity.

This is an awesome website for comprehensive data.  I haven’t found this anywhere else.  You can be sure I have it bookmarked and will access it regularly.  Thank you, Kaiser Family Foundation!