Tips for the PBJ Pro: PBJ Reporting is Back on Track

Jenn Feige, Co-founder, ezPBJ

After a bumpy three-month ride, PBJ reporting is back on track for the quarter. In late March, CMS issued a staffing data submission waiver due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. On June 25, that waiver ended – which means PBJ reporting requirements for the quarter are back in effect.


In the published memo, CMS announced that the end of the waiver means: Facilities must submit their April-June data by the normal August 14 deadline. Facilities do not need to submit their January-March data, although they are still encouraged to do so.


The memo also stated that CMS will continue to use the staffing rating from October-December data in Nursing Home Compare. However, for facilities that were automatically downgraded to a one-star due to missing the submission deadline of for having four or more days in the quarter without a registered nurse, CMS will remove the one-star staffing rating and instead have the ratings temporarily suppressed.


ezPBJ and SimpleLTC hosted the webinar Navigating the PBJ Chaos on June 17, where we answered over 40 questions submitted by attendees and compiled them into a FAQ document. Topics covered general questions concerning the PBJ COVID-19 waiver and how it applies to areas such as telehealth / remote hours and temporary positions. 

You can watch this on-demand webinar (hyperlinked on 1st line of this paragraph) as well as download the FAQ document.  Once you complete the form on the page, you’ll be able to view the FAQ document immediately.

Additionally, you can REGISTER and attend the next PBJ webinar:

What you’ll learn:

  • Current CMS regulations and PBJ rules
  • Implications regarding Staffing/PPE
  • And much more

Target audience:

  • Administrators
  • HR personnel
  • DONs and RNs
  • Corporate regional staff
  • Staff members who handle payroll data