NH Spike in New COVID Cases Due to Community Spread in Sun Belt States

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
 Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

AHCA/NCAL released an updated report on Monday, August 17, 2020.  The report comes in the format of 7 PowerPoint slides.  It shows that COVID-related deaths in nursing homes had declined significantly but now are increasing – 69% of such deaths in nursing homes are coming from southern/Sun Belt states.  Those are the states that have been showing alarming spikes in community spread.

You’ll want to look at the other 4 slides in the report.  Check out Mark Parkinson’s CNN interview to discuss this spike in those states.  Some comments during this interview include:

“If everybody would wear a mask and encourage their friends and family to wear a mask and social distance, we know we would dramatically reduce these rates. When people are making the conscious decision not to wear a mask, they are making a decision that is resulting in greater community spread and increasing the presence of the virus in long term care facilities resulting in senior deaths.”

“Every governor needs to make a priority, particularly in states with an exploding number of cases, to make sure every long term care facility has the N95 masks and testing they need. It’s the only way to bring the case counts down.”