LTC Pharmacies Participating in the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

This list provides the names, locations and contact information (emails) for the pharmacies enrolled in the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program to provide the COVID-19 vaccine. Jurisdictions can contact these federal pharmacy partners to request a transfer to allocate vaccines to long-term care facility staff and residents in their communities.

Before submitting a transfer request to CDC, jurisdictions should reach out to the LTC federal pharmacy partner that represents the pharmacies they are interested in providing vaccine to (MHA, GeriMed, or Innovatix) to come up with a vaccination plan (i.e., which LTC pharmacies should receive vaccine and how much, which facilities should be serviced, etc.).

Additionally, in the coming weeks, jurisdictions may request to activate pharmacies below through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. Jurisdictions should work with regional teams to determine when to activate these partners. Some LTC partners can handle Pfizer vaccine, although throughput is likely to be less than that of retail pharmacies, so jurisdictions should consider this when determining when to activate partners.

This list is currently 55 pages in length and is arranged alphabetically by state and further by the city within that given state.  This list is dated March 25, 2021.  CDC will update this list regularly.