Important QRP Reminder for Non-CAH Swing Beds

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

[This reminder was mentioned during the April 15, 2021 SNF/LTC Open Door Forum however I wasn’t able to understand the email address provided verbally by the CMS individual.  I found the same message online at the SNF QRP Spotlights and Announcements page.]

Non-Critical Access Hospital (CAH) swing beds are subject to SNF Quality Reporting Program (QRP) requirements, via the submission of the MDS 3.0. CAHs with swing beds are not required to submit quality data under the SNF QRP. For more information on SNF QRP requirements, please visit the SNF QRP Measures and Technical Information webpage.

Swingtech sends informational messages to SNFs and swing beds that are not meeting Annual Payment Update (APU) thresholds on a quarterly basis ahead of each submission deadline. If you need to add or change the email addresses to which these messages are sent, please email and be sure to include your facility name and CMS Certification Number (CCN) along with any requested email updates.