MN Applications for Assisted Living Licensure – Deadline Fast Approaching

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

Submit ALL applications before May 25.

Allow yourself time to follow up or respond to missing information and expedite approvals before June 1 submission deadline.

Providers are encouraged to submit their application before May 25 to allow time to respond to missing information or documents needed before the June 1 submission deadline.

With only a few weeks left, many providers have yet to submit their applications for Assisted Living Licensure (ALL). For providers converting to the ALL, look for an email with username and password information. For new applications, look for the application on the website.

Remember to check these items on your application before hitting submit.  Many applications are missing elements or information needed for approval.

Upload your attachments and wait for confirmation notification.

Remember to include your attachments before hitting submit. At the end of the application, eager providers are hitting submit without all the documents needed to complete the application. Large documents can take some time to upload. Please stay connected and wait for the submission completed notification before ending your session.

Start here to apply for your Assisted Living Facility license

Start your application with these helpful videos to guide you through the application process.

Start your application early. Complete applications are approved quickly. Applications with missing information or documents are returned to providers to add additional information or documents. Learn more on the ALL applications resources page.

Remember to complete and upload your UDALSA document.

Remember to include your Uniform Disclosure of Assisted Living Services and Amenities (UDALSA) (PDF). Many applications are missing this document.  Please stay connected and wait for the submission-completed notification before ending your session.

Check the ALL Campus definition

Remember, an organization or company with buildings that are located in separate cities does not meet the definition of a campus based on the statute.

Assisted living facility campus definition (Minn. Statute 144G.08 Subd. 4a.):

  • “Assisted living facility campus” or “campus” means: a single building having two or more addresses, located on the same property with a single property identification number;
  • Two or more buildings, each with a separate address, located on the same property with a single property identification number; or
  • Two or more buildings at different addresses, located on properties with different property identification numbers, that share a portion of a legal property boundary.

Comprehensive Home Care Provider ID needed    

Housing with Services applications need to be linked to the proper comprehensive home care provider HFID. If you have questions on where to find your Provider ID, please watch this video for information and instruction.

Licensed Assisted Living Director application needed.

Remember, you will need a Licensed Assisted Living Director (LALD) application for licensure started to complete the ALL application. Learn more about the Assisted Living Director Licensure:

For information and videos on the application materials, please view videos and other resources: