Latest CMS, CDC & NHSN COVID-19 Data

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

CMS has posted nursing home data for week ending May 23, 2021.

CDC’s COVID Data Tracker now has a new section – Cases & Deaths Among Healthcare Personnel.  This section made its appearance in late May 2021, just before the Memorial Day weekend.  This is an extremely interesting dashboard in terms of what it shows as well as doesn’t show:

  • Data were collected from 26,760,011 people, but healthcare personnel status was only available for 5,044,082 (18.85%) people.
  • For the 506,512 cases of COVID-19 among healthcare personnel, death status was only available for 402,787 (79.52%).

Maps, charts and data provided by CDC updates daily by 8 pm ET.  Cases and deaths are visualized by week.

Click on the Deaths Among Healthcare Personnel to see:

Note this feature allows you to download the data to populate an Excel spreadsheet.

Opening the Footnotes section reveals this information:

Further down on this dashboard landing page, you’ll find a link to COVID-19 resources and guidance for HCPs and clinical care as well as a link to the COVID-19 Case Surveillance Public Use Data.

The most recent data from NHSN Nursing Home Covid-19 Data Dashboard: