MN MDS Coordinators/LTC: Changes to the Reconsideration Process and Scheduling of MDS 3.0 in Minnesota

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

Statute Changes to 144.074 Subd. 4 … Updated 07/08/2021

This Information is intended for nursing home Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Minimum Data Set (MDS) Nurses, residents, families, and other interested parties related to the changes to the reconsideration process and scheduling of the MDS 3.0 in Minnesota.

A Significant Change in Status Assessment (SCSA) is required when:

  • All speech, occupational, and physical therapies have ended. The Assessment Reference Date (ARD) of this assessment must be set on day eight after all therapy services have ended. The last day therapy was provided is considered day 0 when determining the ARD of the SCSA.

A Significant Change in Status Assessment (SCSA) is also required when:

  • Isolation for an infectious disease has ended. The ARD of this assessment must be set on day 15 after isolation has ended. The last day of isolation precautions is considered day 0 when determining the ARD of the SCSA.

These statute changes will be effective for all MDS’ with a therapy and isolation end dates on or after 8/1/2021.

For additional information, refer to Laws 2021, First Special Session chapter 7, article 13, section 1

The following statute changes to 144.0724 are effective immediately.

Subd. 5. Short stays:

  • For facilities that elect to complete an Admission assessment for all admissions, when a resident is admitted and discharged from the facility on the same day, an admission assessment is not required.

     Subd. 8. Request for Reconsideration of resident classification:

  • A reconsideration can now be requested for any RUG classification or Quality Indicator item(s) changed during an audit.
  • All reconsideration requests, facility and resident/resident representative initiated, should be faxed to the Case Mix Review Program at 1-866-898-5082 or 1-800-310-4924.
  • The process for reconsideration requests initiated by the resident or resident’s representative has been revised to include:
  • The resident or the resident’s representative must submit, in writing, a reconsideration request to the facility administrator within 30 days of receipt of the resident Case Mix classification notice. Within three business days of receiving the request, the nursing facility must submit to the Case Mix Review Program: a completed Request for Reconsideration Form (PDF), a copy of the resident or resident representative’s written request, and all documentation used to support the MDS coding of the assessment being reconsidered.
  • A copy of the MDS assessment is no longer required when submitting a request for reconsideration.

For additional information refer to Laws 2021, First Special Session chapter 7, article 3, section 12.

Any questions regarding this information should be directed to:

Minnesota Department of Health

Case Mix Review Program

PO Box 64938 St. Paul, MN 55164-0938


To obtain this information in a different format, call: 651-201-4200.