MedPAC Releases 2021 Data Book on Health Care Spending and Medicare Program

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

On Friday, July 16, 2021, MedPAC announced the release of its 2021 data book on health care spending and the Medicare program. The publication provides data on Medicare spending, demographics of the Medicare population, beneficiaries’ access to care, and quality of care in the program, among other information.

The MedPAC Data Book provides information on national health care and Medicare spending as well as Medicare beneficiary demographics, dual-eligible beneficiaries, quality of care in the Medicare program, and Medicare beneficiary and other payer liability. It also examines provider settings—such as hospitals and post-acute care—and presents data on Medicare spending, beneficiaries’ access to care in the setting (measured by the number of beneficiaries using the service, number of providers, volume of services, length of stay, or through direct surveys), and the sector’s Medicare profit margins, if applicable. In addition, it covers the Medicare Advantage program and prescription drug coverage for Medicare beneficiaries, including Part D. MedPAC began producing its annual Data Book at the suggestion of congressional staff. Some of the information it contains is derived from MedPAC’s March and June reports to the Congress; other information is unique to the Data Book. The information is presented in tables and figures with brief discussions.

This book (217 pages) is available here or follow the direct links below.

Data Book: Health Care Spending and the Medicare Program