ICD-10 and Other Coding Revisions to National Coverage Determination (NCDs)–January 2022  Transmittal 11025: September 28, 2021

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP 
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

CMS has just posted Transmittal 11025 – Change Request 12399.  Note the red verbiage at the top of this Transmittal:

Transmittal 10963, dated August 19, 2021, is being rescinded and replaced by Transmittal 11025, dated, September 28, 2021 to: (1) revise spreadsheet 110.23, Stem Cell Transplants, to add back 30 diagnosis codes to the diagnosis tab removed in error, (2) add override notes to business requirements (BRs) 12399.2, NCD 110.23, Stem Cell Transplants, and 12399.5.1, NCD 160.18 VNS, (3) add updated coding to BR 12399.3, NCD 110.24, CAR-T, and its associated spreadsheet, and, update BRs 5 and 5.1, NCD 160.18, VNS, and its associated spreadsheet, to reflect accurate code edits. All other information remains the same.