Food for Thought: A Place for Dignity in Eldercare?

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP 
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

A recent article in Harvard Medicine (Autumn 2021 issue) caught my eye and has given me plenty to think about.  I encourage you to review the piece and give it some thought as well.  The subtitle of A Place for Dignity in Eldercare? is “As a growing number of older adults require care, some worry that respect may be a diminishing resource”.   It is projected to be a 13-minute read but it will stay with you and you’ll review it several times to take it all in.  There’s a lot in this piece.

You’ll recognize some of the folks that provide insight into what’s happening now and what will be needed in the future for care of the aging population – David Grabowski, Muriel Gillick (Old & Sick in America) to name just a couple. I encourage you and your team/your colleagues to take the time to consider the points made in this article.  It’s well worth your time.