Update to the FINAL Version of the Java PDPM Grouper (MDS 3.0)

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

This November 8, 2021 posting is found on the MDS 3.0 Technical Information website

An update to the FINAL version of the Java PDPM Grouper, v.2.0 has been posted in the Downloads section below. This update to SNF addresses two issues. It corrects a logic issue on “Behavioral Symptoms and Cognitive Performance” under Nursing payment component. When C0100 and C0500 are both dashes (not assessed), the grouper returned an incorrect nursing classification. A nursing component of BAB1 may be being returned in error. It also corrects an NTA comorbidity score calculation. The Grouper was calculating I8000: End-Stage Liver Disease and I8000: Immune Disorders as 2 points each but those should only count as 1 point each.

Your EHR software has likely been updated as well for this correction.