PDPM Grouper Updated – Again

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

An updated version of the PDPM Grouper has been posted in the Downloads section below with the new version number V2.0002 and will be implemented into the MDS ASAP system on Thursday, January 6, 2022. This update addresses two issues with the NTA comorbidities mapping. First, it corrects an issue where diagnosis codes were mapped to NTA comorbidities as 1 to 1 mappings where 1 to 2 mappings were intended from the PDPM_ICD10_Mappings_FY20XX Excel sheet. The list of affected diagnosis codes are: D89810, D89811, D89812, D89813, K7041, M3211, M3213, M3301, M3311, M3321, M3391, M3481, T8630, T8631, T8632, T8633, T8639, Z48280, Z943. Second, it fixes a spacing issue in the NTA comorbidity description name “Disorders of Immunity – Except: RxCC97: Immune Disorders”, which resulted in those points not adding up correctly during the NTA comorbidity score calculation.

Additionally, this new version was repackaged to address a security vulnerability with the third-party library Log4J. The library was upgraded to v2.16.0. No changes were made to the PDPM/SNF component itself to address the updated Log4J file.PDPM Grouper JAR Package V2.0002 (Log4J updated) (ZIP)