Nursing Home Capabilities and Collaboration to Ensure Resident Care During Emergencies

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP 
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

Nursing homes face a broad range of challenges from public emergencies, such as emerging infectious disease outbreaks and natural disasters. To protect residents and prevent disruption of care during emergencies, nursing homes must develop and maintain an emergency preparedness program that addresses a wide range of issues, from maintaining emergency supplies to collaborating with local emergency responders. Despite these requirements, recent emergencies have exposed weaknesses in nursing home emergency preparedness. This study will survey the challenges nursing homes face in preparing for emergencies, with specific focus on their capabilities for managing resident care during emergencies, as well as their collaboration with community partners (e.g., other health care providers, emergency management agencies). We will present our findings in a data brief. We will also use a portion of the data collected for this study for a new Key Performance Indicator that will track the prevalence and severity of challenges experienced by nursing homes over time.

The We in the above paragraph references OIG – Office of Inspector General. You’ll find this notification here. This study is now part of the OIG Work Plan.