March 2022 Update of Appendix B – RAI 3.0 User’s Manual

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

The March update of Appendix B to the RAI 3.0 User’s Manual contains changes to the list of State RAI Coordinators, MDS Automation Coordinators, RAI Panel members, and CMS locations and contacts. To ensure accurate formatting, use a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this PDF. Web-based or mobile browser plug-ins may affect how the file is displayed.

The RAI Panel is a group of experienced RAI Coordinators who assist CMS and other State RAI Coordinators in answering MDS-related questions. Providers, consultants, and industry associations who have MDS questions should always first contact their State RAI Coordinator, who will then forward questions to the RAI Panel, if needed. When forwarding your questions to the RAI Panel, please be sure to send them to at least three Panel members to ensure your questions are responded to as soon as possible. The RAI Panel is in frequent contact with CMS for consultation and clarification.