Staffing in Long-term Care Facilities: A Critical Issue for Worker Health and Resident Care Quality Nationwide

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

This seminar will focus on the current staffing crisis in our nation’s nursing homes and its impact on worker health and resident quality of care and quality of life. The seminar will also address a number of proposed policy and practice recommendations designed to significantly improve working conditions for nursing home staff in the areas of training, wages, career ladders, and workplace safety.

Susan Carney Lynch, JD, DrPH was a 2020 Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow. She has spent over 20 years at the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) as Senior Counsel for Elder Justice where she has led the DOJ National Nursing Home Initiative, healthcare fraud civil prosecutions, and elder justice policy work. Dr. Lynch founded and was the national lead for the DOJ’s ten regional elder justice task forces, comprised of cross-sector, multidisciplinary teams which combat elder abuse and financial exploitation, and conduct community outreach nationwide. Dr. Lynch also served as senior lead on rural and tribal issues related to elder abuse and exploitation and has devoted years of service to the Native American population in South Dakota through the nonprofit Re-Member Organization in Pine Ridge. Dr. Lynch has been an Adjunct Professor of Law at the George Washington University Law School for the past 22 years and is a volunteer Paramedic on weekends in her home state of Maryland.

Please join us and register here.  The webinar is from 2-3pm (ET) on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.