Nursing Home Survey on Patient Safety Culture Database  

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

AHRQ has established the Nursing Home Survey on Patient Safety Culture Database as a central repository for survey data from nursing homes that have administered the AHRQ patient safety culture survey instrument and choose to submit their survey data to the Nursing Home SOPS® database. This database serves as an important resource for patient safety culture improvement.

Participation is free and open to all SOPS Nursing Home Survey users, provided the questionnaires are administered in a manner consistent with SOPS guidance and survey data are submitted according to SOPS specifications. The SOPS Nursing Home Database contains data voluntarily submitted by participating nursing homes and is not representative of all U.S. nursing homes.

SOPS Nursing Home Survey Database Report Current Results

2023 Nursing Home Survey Database Report (PDF, 3 MB); Executive Summary (PDF, 1 MB); Appendixes (PDF, 1 MB)—Presents data from 62 U.S. nursing homes and 3,224 nursing home staff respondents that administered the survey and submitted data. The report consists of a narrative description of the findings and two appendixes, presenting data by nursing home characteristics and staff respondent characteristics for the database nursing homes.

SOPS Nursing Home Survey Supplemental Item Set Current Results

Pilot Study Results From the AHRQ SOPS Workplace Safety Supplemental Set for Nursing Homes (PDF, 3 MB)—Results for the Nursing Home Workplace Safety Supplemental Set that include data from 48 nursing homes with nearly 2,500 respondents who participated in a pilot study in July-September 2022.

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