National Day of Recognition for Long Term Care Physicians

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

Long-term care physicians enrich their patients’ lives all year long. But one special day is set aside to honor their dedication to caring for the frail elderly and other residents in long-term care facilities. The National Day of Recognition for Long Term Care Physicians is set for March 20.

This initiative started several years ago with an AMDA House of Delegates resolution from the Georgia Medical Directors Association honoring the memory and work of AMDA founder William Dodd, MD, CMD. AMDA—Dedicated to Long Term Care Medicine invites its members and their facilities to celebrate this special day with both medical directors and attending physicians.

AMDA encourages you to celebrate this day – whether you are a long-term care physician, you work with one, or you or a family member are under the care of one. Here’s what you can do:

  • Print out this certificate, fill in the name of the individual you are honoring, and present it to them
  • Take a photo of the physician with their certificate – share it on social media using #LTCDocsDay or email it to
  • Share this website with your local news media, along with your personal story about the physician you are honoring. 

Share with your LTC physicians – it’s a great resource for everything LTC for physicians, Medical Directors and other clinicians.  Your Medical Director or other LTC physicians would benefit from joining AMDA.  The link that discusses the benefits of membership is found here.

Thank you to all LTC physicians!!!  Your dedication and service is priceless!