It’s here! The transitional IPA (MDS) and beyond…

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

In case you missed it, want to listen again or pass the word on to colleagues, the It’s here! The transitional IPA (MDS) and beyond…. yesterday’s webinar recording is now available.    Susan Krall provided a great presentation with very helpful tips and information LTC providers will want to be aware of as we approach October 1st with PDPM and MDS 3.0 v1.17.1.

What you’ll learn from listening to this recording and reviewing the presentation handout:

  • Strategies for the transitional IPA MDS assessment which will be setting reimbursement for all Med A from 10/1 through DC
  • Opportunities discovered in current SNF analytics – awakening our clinical skills
  • Critical communication during our first 8 days to ‘get to know’ all about our patients – driving patient care and… payment

If you need additional education to start October 1st, calm your nerves or reassure yourself that you can do this, check out these on-demand webinars:

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