August 2019 CMS SNF QRP Training Sessions – Additional Information Available

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

A couple of days ago, I provided links to the individual August SNF QRP training videos.  CMS has also provided an all-in-one-place list of these training videos which is helpful to see all videos on 1 page and select the video you wish to view or move from one video to the next without interruption.  Note that you can subscribe to the CMS YouTube website on this page as well for notification of any future postings.

The trainings as well as the handouts, related files and answers to the practice coding sessions are found at the links below.  These links are in .zip file format so extract all the files or drill down to find additional information.

August_2019_SNF_QRP_Provider_Training_Day_1_Part_1_with_answers [ZIP, 19MB]

August_2019_SNF_QRP_Provider_Training_Day_1_Part_2_with_answers [ZIP, 15MB]

August_2019_SNF_QRP_Provider_Training_Day_1_Part_3_with_answers [ZIP, 16MB]

August_2019_SNF_QRP_Provider_Training_Day_2_Part_1_with_answers [ZIP, 9MB]

August_2019_SNF_QRP_Provider_Training_Day_2_Part_2_with_answers (002) [ZIP, 13MB]