Upcoming and Recorded COVID-19 Webinars; Sample Letters

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

Thursday, March 12, 2020…Washington (State) Society for PALTC (Post-Acute & LTC) Medicine – Medical Directors

Our Facility has COVID -19: What You Should Do Now & How to Best Prepare for a COVID Outbreak

Time: 9:00 PM (ET)

Link to webinar (via Zoom): https://zoom.us/j/157856340

There’s no pre-registration link for this webinar.  I encourage you to login early to get a seat as the previous webinar crashed because of the high number of folks logging in to listen.  If you can’t get into this webinar, it will be recording and posted within a day or so of March 12th; handouts will also be posted.

Check out the on-demand recordings (with handouts) of these past webinars:

I’ve attended both live webinars and there’s a lot of extremely helpful information disseminated from our peers that are in the thick of this outbreak.  Who better to learn from?!

There’s also a 34-minute COVID-19 IN PALTC podcast with great information.  This podcast was recorded March 7, 2020.  I’ve also listened to this and learned a lot from this resource.

If you’re looking for sample letters to convey information to families regarding COVID-19, here are some options from the PALTC website:


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