Social Distancing Signage to Promote Safety in Your Community

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

We’re all experiencing the challenges of reminding folks of the need to continue social distancing as we begin to reopen public spaces and our communities while still battling COVID-19.  This virus is not done with us yet!  CDC continues to reinforce the need to maintain a 6-foot distance between people.  We all need reminders to keep 6 feet away from the next person (and wear a face mask) when in public spaces.

Check out our latest product addition – Social Distancing Signage.  

Social Distancing Floor Decals from Briggs provide clear instructions to all and are:

  • Available in 48 standard colors. Don’t see what you need? Ask about additional color options.
  • Made of durable, easy to clean vinyl
  • Self-adhesive; no muss, no fuss, easy to apply
  • Can also be used on low pile carpet
  • Sold individually or in packs of 12
  • Available in many styles, shapes and sizes!

Please be safe out there!