May 5th is World Hand Hygiene Day

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP                                                                                                                                        Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

CDC joins the World Health Organization (WHO) in observing World Hand Hygiene Day. Today and every day, we want to remind everyone that practicing good hand hygiene, such as handwashing and using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, is a simple yet effective way to help prevent the spread of germs and protect against serious infections. 

The Clean Hands Count campaign offers patient and provider educational materials available in English and Spanish. These resources are intended to empower patients to ask healthcare providers to clean their hands and to guide healthcare personnel in the importance of providing patients with clean care by cleaning hands often.

Visit CDC’s Clean Hands Count for educational materials in English and Spanish. We also encourage you to watch Project Firstline’s new Inside Infection Control video on hand hygiene.

World Health Organization’s Global Annual Call to Action for Healthcare Workers 

The SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global campaign, launched in 2009 and celebrated annually on 5 May (World Hand Hygiene Day) aims to maintain global promotion, visibility and sustainability of hand hygiene in health care and to ‘bring people together’ in support of hand hygiene improvement around the world. 

For World Hand Hygiene Day 2021, WHO calls on healthcare workers and facilities to achieve effective hand hygiene action at the point of care. The point of care refers to the place where three elements come together: the patient, the healthcare worker, and care or treatment involving contact with the patient or their surroundings. SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands. 

Visit WHO to learn more about Clean Your Hands

#CleanHandsCount materials are available in English and Spanish. Learn more about #HandHygiene and protecting yourself and loved ones from germs.