National Nursing Home Stakeholder Call – May 13, 2021

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

CMS held another nursing home stakeholder call yesterday afternoon that provided an opportunity to discuss the May 11th Interim Final Rule – COVID-19 Vaccine Immunization Requirements for Residents and Staff … QSO-21-19-NH and answer a few questions.  (Additional links and info are found in this blog.)  

I recorded this call (audio not video) so that providers could listen to the information provided sooner rather than later when CMS officially posts the recording and transcript.  Access this 39 minute 44 second recording below.  2 short videos were shown in the early minutes of this call.  CMS stated the videos are available on Twitter; you’ll also see information on these videos in this recent blog.

Evan Shulman, CMS Director of Division of Nursing Homes, spoke to the IFC themes of:

  • Educate
  • Offer
  • Report

Mr. Shulman encouraged providers to begin educating currently unvaccinated staff and residents then circle back around as there is turnover amongst both groups of individuals.  He noted that it will take a couple of weeks to update the survey software.  He also spoke to each survey team prioritizing unvaccinated folks (residents and staff) in determining compliance.  It was also noted that vaccination reporting must be done at least weekly.  F884 requires LTCFs to report the COVID-19 vaccination status of residents and staff, total numbers of residents and staff vaccinated, each dose of vaccine received, COVID-19 vaccination adverse effects and therapeutics administered to residents for treatment of COVID-19 through the NHSN’s LTCF COVID-19 Module.

The IFC is effective May 21, 2021.  CMS will begin enforcement of resident and staff vaccination reporting via NHSN the week of June 14, 2021.  He stressed that LTC providers should begin reporting resident and staff vaccination as soon as possible so that compliance is met.  CMPs for non-compliance with such reporting will be issued starting that following week.  CMS will begin posting vaccination data by the middle of June as soon as the data is received on the COVID-19 Nursing Home Data website.  

NHSN will be holding vaccination reporting training webinars 4 more times (1st such training was held this past week).  The next such training is May 18th.  The link to register for any of the upcoming NHSN webinars is here.  Additional NHSN training materials are found here.

[On a related note – regarding NHSN reporting and fining, you may want to attend next week’s webinar on COVID-19 Reporting Fines.  Check out the particulars here.]