CNA Week: June 17 -> 24, 2021

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

2020 and 2021 have been very challenging years for all healthcare staff.  June 17th through the 24th this year is CNA Week.  During this week, we honor and celebrate the careers of all Certified Nursing Assistants, especially those CNAs working in the LTC and AL industry.  Without a doubt, the nursing home worker including the CNA has the most dangerous job in America.   

NAHCA (National Association of Health Care Assistants) recognizes this week as one to promote the CNA in his/her career.   Download the toolkit to plan and honor the CNAs in your community.  The 14-minute video – front and center on the toolkit landing page – is a must view.  You’re sure to recognize several of the speakers providing their thanks. You’ll also meet some CNAs that speak to why they are a CNA.

You’ll find 2 webinars to share with your team:

Register for the June 17th webinar here.  Register for the June 24th webinar here.

“NAHCA has created this toolkit for CNAs and for the facilities where they work so that everyone can celebrate, recognize, and pay their respects to the incredible work that the nearly 1 million-strong contingent of frontline heroes has over the past 16 months.

Never before in the history of long-term and post-acute care have CNAs had such a positive impact on older adults and those who work in and manage nursing homes, assisted living communities, and in home care.

This toolkit is designed for all providers to use in celebrating their healthcare heroes via social media and throughout the centers.

On this page are social media posts to use for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each file is downloadable and sized appropriately.”

An added bonus for CNA Week: CNAs who are 20-year veterans of the profession get FREE lifetime memberships to NAHCA! More information HERE.

Check out the NAHCA homepage for a wealth of information and affirmation for your CNAs. 

Join Briggs Healthcare in saluting each and every CNA for the awesome work they do each and every day – June 17th through the 24th and beyond. 

Thank you for all you do!!!