Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Mission & Priority Document (MPD)

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
Clinical Consultant – Briggs Healthcare

I missed sharing this posting by CMS in mid-December!  My apologies.   While preparing for my webinar next week, I spotted the Admin Info: 20-03-ALL I had printed on my desk.

Here some’s background to the annual MPD:

“The MPD is an annual document which directs and outlines the work of the Quality, Safety & Oversight Group, the CMS Regional Offices, and the State Survey Agencies based on regulatory changes, adjustments in budget allocations, and new initiatives, as well as new requirements based on statutes such as the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014 (IMPACT Act). The MPD discusses survey and certification functions as well as the Medicare funding allocation process for states, which directly impacts the work prioritization and planning for the required survey workload in the fiscal year the MPD is issued. In addition, the MPD provides background information for each of the 17 provider and supplier types, accreditation/deemed surveys, and CMS priorities for initial surveys of providers and suppliers enrolling in Medicare. It also outlines the priorities for surveying relocations of existing providers and suppliers, projected validation survey workload, system requirements, and state performance standards, and provides the upcoming surveyor training schedule.

Every fiscal year, the Quality, Safety & Oversight Group releases the MPD to the CMS Regional Offices and State Survey Agencies.”

Pages 3 through 27 provide the specifics with Tier Status identified for FY 2020 via graphs begins on page 16.

The priorities for LTC include:

  • CMS continuing focus on reducing the use of antipsychotics in late adopters through FY 2020. New targets have not yet been set but will be communicated via update when set.
  • CMS will have Federal contract surveyors conduct additional focused dementia care surveys in some states.
  • States are directed to conduct at least 50% of required off-hour surveys (currently this directive is for 10% off-hours surveys) on weekends using the list of facilities with potential staffing issues provided by CMS.
  • CMS will release guidance in Chapter 5 of the State Operations Manual (SOM) related to the management of facility-reported incidents and complaints. This includes development and implementation of policies and procedures consistent with Federal guidelines as well as adherence to Federal timeframes for investigation, the collection of mandated elements from initial and investigation reports and the collection of data to support tracking of facility-reported incidents.

I encourage all PAC providers to review this Mission & Priority document and follow the CMS updates on the QSOG Mission and Priority Information website.